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Internal Audit

Think of internal audit as a regular audit, but executed using in-house resources. Sounds straightforward, doesn’t it?

The crux, however, lies in ensuring the internal audit remains an independent function, rather than just an added task for your existing team. Notably, internal audit is mandatory for ISO 27001, setting it apart from SOC 2.

With Workstreet, sidestep these complexities promptly without hefty costs or prolonged timelines.

Workstreet internal audits deliver a required security and compliance function so you can optimize and scale trust in your company.

We seamlessly integrate internal audit, cloud, SaaS, and compliance expertise to propel your startup forward without any hiccups.


A common audit finding is that an internal audit is not independent of information security. With Workstreet, you get a dedicated and autonomous audit without hiring FTEs.


You don’t have resources for an internal audit team. We get it. Workstreet brings the right approach to an internal audit for your startup.

Policy Help

Lean on us to craft your policy and procedures for internal audits so you’re in line with ISO 27001 and other frameworks.

Management Reporting

We’ll deliver an actionable and useful report and presentation for your management team. Stay up to date, stay aligned.

Your Tech and Tools

We wrote the book on compliance in the cloud. We know SaaS. We work with the tools you have so you don’t have to change for us.

Recurring Engagements

Use as once or setup recurring, annual internal audits with Workstreet. Multi-year annual audits offer large discounts and efficiencies.
Startup Privacy Experts

Catering to startups, we understand the urgency of ISO 27001 compliance without the bandwidth for a full-time Internal Audit role. Let's bridge that gap efficiently.

Workstreet is your ideal partner for internal audit requirements. Leveraging our extensive experience and high efficiency, we manage your complete audit process, aligning it perfectly with ISO 27001 controls. Startups, take advantage of our rapid and budget-friendly audits, tailored with special pricing. We also offer reduced rates for multi-year commitments, acknowledging the importance of annual internal audits. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

Over 1,000 managed audits across our team.
Team members with CISSP, CIPP, CIPM, SSCP
HITRUST Council Members
25+ years of security and privacy experience
Open source security   and privacy training

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