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Save 90%+ on compliance costs

Roll compliance like a pro.

Workstreet provides a comprehensive cybersecurity and privacy solution, complete with a dedicated CISO and Privacy Officer, empowering you to manage a robust security program.


Built for small startups
Compliance Strategy
Custom Policies and Procedures
Control Mappings for 1 Framework
Technical Integrations
Real-time Security Monitoring
Security Awareness Training
Security Sales Collateral
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Built for for growth
Everything from Startup
External Audit Management
Custom, NDA-gated Trust Page
Sales Call Support
Security Incident Management
Penetration Test Support
Security Questionnaires
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Built for scale
Everything from Scaling
Data Protection Officer (DPO)
Control Mappings for Unlimited Frameworks
Data Protection Agreement
Risk Assessment
24x7 Email Support
Advanced Compliance Reporting
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At Workstreet, we accelerate startups by building and operating world-class security and privacy functions.

Privacy Officer
Security and Privacy Roadmap
Policies and Procedures
Security and Privacy Training
Sales and Marketing Materials
Annual Risk Assessment
Security Questionnaires
SOC 2 Self Assessment
Internal Audit
Privacy Impact Assessments
Sales Call Support
External Audit Management
Incident Response
User Access Management
Data Protection Officer
Breach Response

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