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We are your compliance team.

Don't spin your wheels attempting to figure out complex cybersecurity problems. We've walked many miles in your shoes. We can help you spin up an entire security team in a matter of days.
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As a dedicated virtual CISO and security firm, we help startups implement SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, and other compliance frameworks.

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Our DPO service is built for startups that want to grow while ensuring they comply with relevant data protection laws.

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We dive deep into your systems, ensuring your startup meets the rigorous standards of various compliance frameworks.

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Internal Audit

Workstreet internal audits deliver a required security and compliance function so you can optimize and scale trust in your company.

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Privacy Services

Services created to build a culture of privacy.

We offer privacy services that meet the needs to companies working in sensitive and regulated industries.

  • Policies. Security and privacy templates are simple documents. Customizing and implementing them at your company is the heavy lifting that Workstreet does for you.
  • Procedures. Sometimes called standard operating procedures (SOPs), we align the procedures with your workflows and ensure we collect evidence they are followed.
  • Risk Assessments. These are the basis of security and privacy, and required in every audit. We automate and streamline this to ensure you’re covered for auditors and customers. 
  • Privacy Impact Assessments. Required by GDPR, recommended as best practice, we make this simple and show your commitment to privacy and trust.
  • vCPO. Workstreet adds a Chief Privacy Officer to your team who is responsible and accountable for privacy @ your company.
  • Data Protection Officer (DPO). A data protection officer is required by GDPR and a DPO is required to have certain skills and reporting. We take care of this for you.
  • Ask us Anything (AMA). Our team is always available via Slack - does this breach impact me, what do I say about this vulnerability, do we have to comply with this new regulation - we are your expert sidekick.
  • Privacy Training. We provide required training for HIPAA and PCI and recommended training for GDPR, CCPA and other emerging privacy standards.
  • Breach Management. Depending on the states and industries you work in, you have breach obligations. We sort through this opaque space and make sure you are in line with laws and regulations.
Security Services

We take security as seriously as you do.

Our security services are custom built to fit the needs of early-stage growing startups. Let us help you manage the road ahead.

  • vCISO. Zero onboarding, easier and cheaper than hiring, and more startups security experience than almost anybody, our vCISO is a part of your team from day 1.
  • Security Questionnaires. These are not fun. We’ve done 1,000s of them, have a process that works, and know the words to use to allay any fears your customers may have.
  • Secure Cloud Configurations. We have passed so many audits that we know exactly what AWS, GCP, and Azure cloud configurations work and pass audits.
  • Trust Reports. Security can be an asset. We give you and your team what you need to integrate security into your sales process and get ahead of roadblocks.
  • Sales Call Support. Need help on a sales call? Let us jump in and talk through the nitty gritty with your prospects and customers so they trust you with their data.
  • Vendor Assessments. We assess and recommend security vendors appropriate to your stage and needs. And we do not recommend things you do not need.
  • Security Awareness Training. Required in every audit and security questionnaire, our training is actually good and relevant to startups.
  • Technical Security Training. We also provide training to developers and engineers. This technical training is required by ISO and is a best practice to follow.
  • Incident Response. We ensure every security incident is investigated and documented to determine appropriate and legally required next steps (in the case of a data breach).
Compliance Services

Compliance is in our DNA. Let us help make it part of yours.

Our team has experience participating in over 1,000 audits. Let us bring that experience to your team.

  • Full Audit Management. Audis require a lot of time and effort to manage. We’ve managed 1,000s. Let us take this off your plate and accelerate your path to certification.
  • Framework Mapping. What frameworks and regulations should you align your security and privacy program? We have you covered and will guide you to where you need to be.
  • 3rd Party Risk Management. Managing 3rd party risks is a requirement. We have a simple process to document and minimize risk from your partners and vendors.
  • Internal Audit. This is a key function of continuously assessing where your privacy and security stand. We align this with your security, privacy, and compliance roadmaps.
  • Internal Audit. This is a key function of continuously assessing where your privacy and security stand. We align this with your security, privacy, and compliance roadmaps.
  • Data Protection Agreements. These agreements codify responsibilities for you and your vendors. We make sure you have them in place when required and that you do not take on responsibilities for things that should not be.
  • SOC 2 Self Assessment. We build this into our onboarding and roadmap when SOC 2 is relevant to you. We deliver a report that is shareable with your whole team and board.
  • Audit Gap Assessment. An auditing firm will take $10,000-$20,000 to do this. We will do it better and ensure readiness of a full audit because we know your company and technology.
  • Pen Test Management. Penetration testing engagements can be a burden to manage. We can help select pen testers, outline requirements, and manage the entire engagement.
  • Continuous Regulatory Diligence. New laws and regulations are being passed all the time. We ensure you know what’s coming and are in compliance when relevant rules go into effect.

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